Death of Dr Ambedkar

Presenting to you all a landmark hour of the Lok Sabha (Lower House of India) where the House was mourning over the news of Death of Dr B. R. Ambedkar and speech given on the same by then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Lok Sabha Thursday, 6th December, 1956 The Lok Sabha met at […]

Bhagat Singh, Terrorism, Indians and their Independence.

Almost all our Freedom fighters, after their death, are conveniently dragged into current political debates, mostly by those who have little knowledge about them- or with their politics during Freedom struggle. Among many- Shaheed Bhagat Singh, in recent past, has been unfortunately invoked by the Nationalist parade of India. Despite of Bhagat Singh being a Comrade (leftist) […]

Bajirao Peshwa’s Famous Battle of Palkhed

Peshwa Bajirao Ballal won this battle without even giving a single drop of blood merely on his intelligence and speed of his army! Written by Major General Shashikant Pitre (the author served the Indian army and is a notable scholar of War studies and strategies). Translated by Raj Kamble. Peshwa Bajirao Ballal, in his career […]

Kerala- God’s own model of Governance

The development model of Kerala recently came into limelight in latest Lok Sabha elections of 2014 and was pitched against the Gujarat developmental model. Gujarat model, accused of dangling more towards capitalism and industrialisation, faced tremendous criticism on social standards and was constantly compared to the Kerala model, implied with inclusive growth.

Decoding Chhatrapati- Tolerance level 10.0

The history of the Great Indian King, Shivaji Maharaj, is not just confined to wars but also is extended up to his tolerance towards humanity, different religions, different views and Freedom of individuals, speech and expression. In his letter dated back in January, 1660, Goa’s Portuguese viceroy has explained his king back in Portugal how […]

Partition of Vidarbha, and how we can prevent it…

Nowadays, India is facing a tremendous problem of revolt from the people of backward and under-developed regions of certain states demanding to form an independent state of their own. The khalistan movement in Punjab, Telangana movement in Andhra Pradesh, Gorkhaland, Vidarbha movement in Maharashtra, etc are some major revolts across the country. This article emphasises […]